”Music can either make or break a film, and Patrick has a sound that is very rich and memorable. His compositions are deep, emotional, and his ability to fit the music to the scene is top notch. Watch out for this guy!”.

– Edward Vilderman [Filmmaker].


“Patrick is a wonderful composer, his cues are full of energy and inspiration. I am sure we will be hearing a lot about his musical achievements very soon!”

– George Kallis [Composer / Owner of Superior Music Audio].


“Patrick has the ability to play with an incredibly diverse range of sounds and yet make them sit together perfectly naturally. On “Fixed” we decided not to use any other sound and let Patrick’s rich and emotive score carry the images by itself. This only worked because he was able to find and complement every story beat and punctuate the action, turning the music itself into an integral character in the short. From quiet ambience to orchestral might, his work is always first rate”.

– Charlie Bray [Director].


“I would go as far as to say that Patrick Gill is a virtuoso, a prodigy when it comes to music composition. I’ve had the pleasure of employing him on two projects I’ve produced. ‘The Seer’ & ‘Street Fighter: Legacy’. The results speak for themselves. As a director it is very important that you can communicate intuitively with a composer to arrive at all the subtle nuances that the music needs to compliment the picture. Patrick and I at times feel like we can read one another’s minds which is the ideal two people seek to achieve when it comes to a an artistically creative collaboration. Creating original, stand out, spine tingling themes is a very difficult task, and Patrick has proven his ability to do just that several times over. As a film-maker I plan to continue my working relationship with Patrick where score-composition is concerned. I truly believe he will be regarded as one of the great Movie score composers alongside the likes of Hans Zimmer, John Powell, John Williams etc”

– Joey Ansah [Actor, Filmmaker, Action Choreographer].